Yours Truly

I am a natural when it comes to pleasure and comfort, not only by career and education with many years experience in the medical field but also by desire and self satisfaction that I receive from making others feel at ease. I love everything about touch and chemistry between two human beings.

I study a great deal on the dynamics of the body and what makes us crave and want all things pleasure related. The vibe between you and I will be magical, memorable and enchanting.

I am a lover of fine dining and trying new things. I can be your perfect dinner date with an evening full of getting to know one another . I love insightful, deep conversation. I value a per son that can teach me new things or someone I can learn useful information about any aspects of life.  I am a very charismatic outspoken woman. I'm not afraid to express how I feel and let go and unwind in the company of respectable peers.  

I'm a companion that keeps open mind to all nationalities, genders and abilities. I truly feel you can learn so much from others different from you. I embrace differences in all people. That’s what makes us who we are and individuals. I enjoy music of all sorts and also sports as well. Watching basketball is one of my favs! I love all Chicago teams! I love horror movies, action,  documentaries, crime shows, and learning about different aspects of the body and mind. I love a well educated gentlemen that I’m able to have stimulate more than just my body but the mind as well. Stimulate the mind and the body will follow......